Ultimate Guide to Festivals in Nassau

Hey, it’s your favorite festival girl! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Festival Season 2020 is finally upon us and starts this weekend with one of my absolute favorite festivals, the Tru Tru Bahamian Festival. Thinking back to 2015, this is where my love for all things festive began. At that time, I volunteered for Tru Tru and had a blast. Seeing all the food choices, the jewelry, the artwork, singing and dancing along to some of the most memorable Bahamian songs was wonderful. With more and more festivals popping up, I think that there has been an increase in Bahamian owned food/drink/ dessert vendors. They are trying to build their clientele and showcase their excellent products and these festivals were designed just for that. However, with so many festivals and as more people become interested in attending, I figured it was time for a festival guide. How else are you gonna know how to navigate these experiences and truly enjoy everything they have to offer?

tru tru bahamian festival
Tru Tru Bahamian Festival 2019

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My First Year as a Blogger

“Aye it’s Derencia Travels”, “Man, I saw you was to one festival…”, “I gotta get traveling like you” are some of the phrases I’ve become accustomed to over the past year of blogging. It always makes me smile and think “Well, someone is following me, maybe I’m encouraging someone to go to that festival, book that island vacation or even try a new restaurant or activity” and honestly it’s the best feeling. To know that I’m one of the reasons that my Bahamian people are more interested or knowledgeable in experiencing the best our country has to offer is exactly why Derencia Travels exists. However, with everything there has definitely been ups and downs of this journey.

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Roadginity: My First Bahamas Carnival

“Oh lawd, the whole place mash up, mash up”, “It’s Savannah Grass”, “Bend ova, practice”. If you recognize any of these lyrics, it’s evident that you know at least a few of the 2019 soca songs or better yet, you’re a soca junkie. I am definitely not there as yet. I’ve always been a Dancehall Queen. However, last year, my friends convinced me to attend SUITS Bahamas and it was honestly the best party I had ever been to. Leading up to the event, I spent that entire week listening to DJ Private Ryan’s Soca Starter 2018; trying to learn as many songs as possible.

SUITS Bahamas 2018

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