5 Things to Know Before Visiting Cuba

9 thoughts on “5 Things to Know Before Visiting Cuba”

  1. Hey my beautiful niece. So good to see you had a unique Cuban experience.
    The first time I went was very humbling and gave me a greater appreciation for the things I took for granted.
    My second trip was even more humbling as US currency was everything to the locals and it was just unbelievable what $20 US dollars would get you. Just to give an example, you could get a personal driver for one week at your back and call.
    Looking forward to reading about your next adventure.

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  2. Happy you enjoyed your first trip to Cuba. Great tips for those visiting for the first time!
    Each time I visited I noted changes..subtle in some instances, more obvious in others.
    I am, by nature, I suppose drawn to Cuba’s rich heritage and history and I am fascinated by the work being done to restore Old Havana


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