Best Sunday Ever in Abaco

Picture this: you’re sipping a delicious frozen (alcoholic, of course) drink, lounging by the pool, soaking up some sun, music is playing and it’s all around good vibes. Relaxation, food and fun are in the air and you’re surrounded by the most gorgeous waters. If this sounds like the perfect Sunday to you, you MUST visit Great Guana Cay, Abaco and head to Nipper’s and Grabbers Beach Bars.

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Did someone say Sushi?!

Shrimp tempura, filled with spicy crab, asparagus and cream cheese, topped with avocado and barbecue eel. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about sushi; in particular my favorite roll, Seafront Sushi’s Head Hunter Roll. About six years ago, my friends and I made a day out of Friendship, Food and Fun (#FFF, you know who you are) and visited Seafront for lunch. I was hesitant about trying the rolls because of a past experience as a child. However, I swallowed hard and sunk my teeth into a Volcano Roll.  At that moment, I heard the angels sing and heaven was literally in my mouth.  Continue reading “Did someone say Sushi?!”

Where Ya Been: Bimini

“Where you been? Where you going? Man, I want come.” Millennials are traveling more and more these days. In fact, I know a few Bahamians that are very interested in exploring the islands and have been taking advantage of their travel opportunities. Just last week, my friends were all about “catching flights and not feelings”. A few went to Toronto for Caribana, one went to Bimini for a Girl’s Trip, another went to Exuma for Regatta and the next one was Full of Vibe at Cropover in Barbados. With all of this traveling going on around me, I figured it would be interesting to hear about their stories and travels, you know, to add a diverse range of perspectives and the “Where Ya Been” series was born.

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