My 30 Things To Do By 30

My 27th birthday is in a few weeks and I’ve been meaning to write down some things that I want to accomplish in the next three years. While, I’m not one to hold myself to super strict deadlines and I realize that everything that is for me, will be. I decided to make a list of things I want to achieve. I believe that everything on the list can be attained by my 30th birthday, but if they aren’t, that’s okay too. Life is a journey. You may be thinking pandemic and all, what’s even the point of making plans? I have hope and dreams though. In no particular order, here is my 30 Things to Do By 30.

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Dining with Derencia: JWB Prime Steak and Seafood

First things first, JWB is not a cheap date. You need to bring all your coins, but it is worth it. JWB Prime Steak and Seafood is located at the new Margaritaville Beach Resort. This resort is still under construction, but they have opened their first restaurant and it is a hit! As we all know, I love eating out and a great dining experience is definitely on the list of my favorite things; so I’m happy to be back with another Dining with Derencia. Hope you brought your appetites!

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My Favorite Drink Spots in Nassau

Cheers to the freaking weekend, I’ll drink to that! Let’s be honest, if it’s one thing this year has shown us, everyday is one for celebration and it makes no sense waiting and waiting for the “right time” to do what you want. I like drinks simple as that. Prosecco, mojitos, daiquiris and most recently I’ve even started drinking gin. I won’t even get started on my affinity for wines. The Bahamas is known for unique culinary experiences but do we really talk enough about the libations? Here’s my favorite drink spots in Nassau.

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