My 30 Things To Do By 30

17 thoughts on “My 30 Things To Do By 30”

  1. An awesome and inspiring read. I am over 50 years old but I can think of some goals to set for myself as well as trying some of the ones mentioned here. Looking forward to the other 15 goals.

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  2. Love the First 15 and can’t wait to read the next half. I think I’ll make a list of want to do as well, before my half century πŸ™πŸ™Œ

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  3. Wow, you’ve definitely got me thinking now. I had set about 5 goals this year and I have achieved 3 already so I think it’s great to set goals. I sure hope u achieve all your goals. Keep up the good work Derencia, was excited to read more, you kept it short and sweet.

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  4. I’m exceptionally proud of the adventurous spirit in you to explore and experience what life truly has to offer.
    For me before the end of 2021 I’d like to accomplish my a dream vehicle and land myself into an organization that gives me the autonomy to be adventurous.

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