The Best Girls Trip in Exuma

Picture this, it’s 6 am, the ticket agent is calling last call for your 7 am flight, and you’re the only one of four at the airport. This was me. It was my first girls trip and I’m wondering where are my friends?! Thoughts of us missing the flight, the possibility of travelling alone and not knowing what to do or where to go crossed my mind. At this point I was just hoping they would all arrive soon. By 6:30, three out of four of us had arrived and after seven (yes s e v e n)  unsuccessful phone calls, lucky number four was awake and on her way. After, prayers, hopes, almost tears and jokes, we were all boarded and headed to Exuma. Within twenty minutes of flight, the water started to do this really, like really blue thing, like clear blue, sky blue, just beauti-blu-ful! Yes, I know that was super corny, but you get it right?

Exuma water
Exuma Blues

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My First Year as a Blogger

“Aye it’s Derencia Travels”, “Man, I saw you was to one festival…”, “I gotta get traveling like you” are some of the phrases I’ve become accustomed to over the past year of blogging. It always makes me smile and think “Well, someone is following me, maybe I’m encouraging someone to go to that festival, book that island vacation or even try a new restaurant or activity” and honestly it’s the best feeling. To know that I’m one of the reasons that my Bahamian people are more interested or knowledgeable in experiencing the best our country has to offer is exactly why Derencia Travels exists. However, with everything there has definitely been ups and downs of this journey.

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Roadginity: My First Bahamas Carnival

“Oh lawd, the whole place mash up, mash up”, “It’s Savannah Grass”, “Bend ova, practice”. If you recognize any of these lyrics, it’s evident that you know at least a few of the 2019 soca songs or better yet, you’re a soca junkie. I am definitely not there as yet. I’ve always been a Dancehall Queen. However, last year, my friends convinced me to attend SUITS Bahamas and it was honestly the best party I had ever been to. Leading up to the event, I spent that entire week listening to DJ Private Ryan’s Soca Starter 2018; trying to learn as many songs as possible.

SUITS Bahamas 2018

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