Bahamian/Resident Rates for Your Next Staycation in Nassau

Quarantine is over, offices have reopened and even though we are still on a curfew, there’s a part of me that sometimes forget that we are in a pandemic. I think we will be living with Covid-19 for the foreseeable future. We have to stay as safe as possible while having some semblance of normalcy and enjoying what we can. I am not ready to travel out of the country as yet, but I do plan to visit an out island for the August Monday holiday. In the meantime, between time, I’m thinking of having a staycation right here, at home. I’ve seen a few hotels advertising Bahamian/Resident rates and figured it would be good to have them all listed in one place. I’ll keep updating this blog as the deals come!

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5 Tips for Taking Your First Solo Trip in 2019

I finally did it! I took my first solo trip this month. Yes, I’ve traveled alone before, but not like this. I was either visiting a friend or going to work. This trip was different, something special and I am so happy I did.  With only one real solo trip in the books, I’m definitely not a world traveler or expert. However, I learned some things about myself and the whole “solo travel”  world that may help you book your first solo trip in 2019 or make plans for another one.

goombay smash
Visiting Blue Bee Bar for an Original Goombay Smash

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