12 Things to do for the Best Vacation in Havana, Cuba

Do you dream about drinking Mojitos all day? Or maybe cruising the Havana streets in a vintage convertible car? Better yet, what about dancing the night away at a salsa club? If these thoughts cloud your mind then maybe it’s time to plan your trip to Cuba. I recently visited Havana, Cuba to celebrate my birthday and the experience was amazingly authentic. It was so refreshing to wake up and people watch on the balcony, salsa dance in the street and be disconnected from everything for a while. Cuba is not like anywhere that I’ve visited before and I am grateful for the experience. Before we dive into my ultimate guide, have you read my 5 Things to Know Before Visiting Cuba¬†as yet? If not, you should definitely read it first.

havana streets

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5 Best Things to Do in Nassau this Fall

Every weekend, we always hear, “Ain’t nothing to do in Nassau.” September 22nd, marks the first day of Fall. While we may not feel any significant changes in the weather; the party scene has slowed down. Day parties have recently concluded and the fetes ended a while ago. Not to worry though, there are still many interesting things to do. “Cuffing Season” is coming up and I know you want to impress your potential boo with an awesome date. Better yet, it’s your turn to plan the Girl’s Day/Night activities and everyone is tired of the traditional beach day or downtown club scene. Here are five inexpensive (ranging from free to under $50) fun activities, the next time you’re trying to figure out what’s the move.

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