How I Celebrated My Birthday

*Taps mic* Hello, is this thing on? Testing one, two.

It’s been a while since my last post… and honestly, I’m okay with that. I think I am finally over the “Omg I haven’t written on the blog so long—the horror” moment. Even though I haven’t been active here, I have contributed to the Food Culture & Co blog and created content for Instagram and Tiktok these past months.  If you do follow me on my socials, you might have seen that I recently celebrated my birthday and what a fabulous time I had! This year things were different and here’s why…

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Dining with Derencia: Sapodilla Restaurant

According to my mommy and one of my best friends, I’m always eating. Like, they really think they know me! I mean they do, but still. What else can you expect from “Ya Fave Festival Girl”? I have to eat. As a child,  I was an extremely picky eater. At 16, I visited Luciano’s for lunch and tried calamari for the first time and that opened the door, or my palate really for foodie adventures. Fast forward a few years and I found myself regularly posting reviews on TripAdvisor, having people ask me for lunch and dinner recommendations, asking my friends to take photos of their food whenever we went out and just a little taste of whatever they got, of course. Like, I have to try it too. I figured with all the food photos I have in my phone and reviews all in my head, it was time to write. I’m happy to introduce my new blog series: Dining with Derencia!

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12 Things to do for the Best Vacation in Havana, Cuba

Do you dream about drinking Mojitos all day? Or maybe cruising the Havana streets in a vintage convertible car? Better yet, what about dancing the night away at a salsa club? If these thoughts cloud your mind then maybe it’s time to plan your trip to Cuba. I recently visited Havana, Cuba to celebrate my birthday and the experience was amazingly authentic. It was so refreshing to wake up and people watch on the balcony, salsa dance in the street and be disconnected from everything for a while. Cuba is not like anywhere that I’ve visited before and I am grateful for the experience. Before we dive into my ultimate guide, have you read my 5 Things to Know Before Visiting Cuba as yet? If not, you should definitely read it first.

havana streets

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