5 Things I’ve Learned Since Working From Home

4 thoughts on “5 Things I’ve Learned Since Working From Home”

  1. Working from home is essential in the society in which I live in order to have a work life balance.
    It’s necessary so that you can take care of those essential errands like doctor’s /dentist appointments and more importantly for me, not having to deal with the hassle of city traffic (which is a BEAST in Atlanta GA)
    Your recommendations are great for a change of scenery within your home, one I will definitely utilize moving forward.


  2. I love this! I especially love the creating boundaries. Its so hard not to feel guilty of walking away from the computer but hey I’m entitled to a lunch break at work right?!

    I also think it has shown us that a lot of ways we conduct business needs to be modernised so if (hopefully we wont) there is something like this which requires us to work from home the transition for a lot more businesses can be more seamless. Office jobs had a pretty decent transition but a lot of blue collar and more nonconventional type of businesses had (and still have) difficulties building a work from home structure.


    1. Yes, you are entitled to your breaks! Totally agree with you, we really need more technological advances and also find other means of work to better serve our community. Seeing all the curbside offerings, deliveries and digitalized websites made me so happy. Iā€™m glad you enjoyed šŸ˜Š


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