Bucket List: The Bahamas Edition

The Bahamas has always been a top listed destination to travel to for a dream vacation or any holiday really. Most recently, I saw a tweet that listed my beautiful country as the number one trending destination for New Year’s 2019. I think it’s amazing, that so many people want to bring in the new year in paradise. But really, who could blame them? Millions of people visit our islands every year just hoping for sunny days filled with clear turquoise waters and a fun time. That tweet really got me thinking about my holiday plans and my possible 2019 travels.

Exuma Cays. Photo Credit: lynlove_xo

I thought it would be pretty interesting to Bucket list my top 5 islands to visit for the remainder of this year and the upcoming months of the new year. Definitely, I want to see everything! 700 islands and cays? Don’t mind if I do. I just know that may not be feasible in the time frame. But you never know right? In no particular order, here goes my Out Island Bucket List:

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Sapphire Blue Hole, Eleuthera

Last weekend, I traveled to North Eleuthera with a few goals in mind. One being, visiting the Sapphire Blue Hole and hopefully jumping into it. I became particularly interested in these enormous water caves this summer, but was too chicken to actually visit one when I was in Abaco. I researched the depths, ways of getting in and out of them and definitely what creatures could be found inside. Ya girl does not do animals well. I watched numerous videos and googled photos, everything and anything that would help me build up the courage to make the leap.

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