Did someone say Sushi?!

Shrimp tempura, filled with spicy crab, asparagus and cream cheese, topped with avocado and barbecue eel. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about sushi; in particular my favorite roll, Seafront Sushi’s Head Hunter Roll. About six years ago, my friends and I made a day out of Friendship, Food and Fun (#FFF, you know who you are) and visited Seafront for lunch. I was hesitant about trying the rolls because of a past experience as a child. However, I swallowed hard and sunk my teeth into a Volcano Roll.  At that moment, I heard the angels sing and heaven was literally in my mouth.  Continue reading “Did someone say Sushi?!”

The Sandpiper Inn

“Schooner Bay: God’s permanent residence.”– Dr. Larry Carroll, Owner, The Sandpiper Inn

For many in The Bahamas, July 1st signaled the introduction of 12% VAT. For me however, it was the start of a new opportunity. I got the chance to experience Schooner Bay, South Abaco and I stayed at the uniquely beautiful Sandpiper Inn. Schooner Bay is a fairly new development, that houses numerous homes, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, a marine harbour, two amazing beaches,  a world of history, unbelievable natural resources and two inns; namely, Blackfly Fishing Lodge and The Sandpiper Inn.

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