Where Ya Been: Bimini

“Where you been? Where you going? Man, I want come.” Millennials are traveling more and more these days. In fact, I know a few Bahamians that are very interested in exploring the islands and have been taking advantage of their travel opportunities. Just last week, my friends were all about “catching flights and not feelings”. A few went to Toronto for Caribana, one went to Bimini for a Girl’s Trip, another went to Exuma for Regatta and the next one was Full of Vibe at Cropover in Barbados. With all of this traveling going on around me, I figured it would be interesting to hear about their stories and travels, you know, to add a diverse range of perspectives and the “Where Ya Been” series was born.

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The Sandpiper Inn

“Schooner Bay: God’s permanent residence.”– Dr. Larry Carroll, Owner, The Sandpiper Inn

For many in The Bahamas, July 1st signaled the introduction of 12% VAT. For me however, it was the start of a new opportunity. I got the chance to experience Schooner Bay, South Abaco and I stayed at the uniquely beautiful Sandpiper Inn. Schooner Bay is a fairly new development, that houses numerous homes, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, a marine harbour, two amazing beaches,  a world of history, unbelievable natural resources and two inns; namely, Blackfly Fishing Lodge and The Sandpiper Inn.

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