Here I Come: New Orleans

8 thoughts on “Here I Come: New Orleans”

  1. Indeed can tell you’re super excited as you should be. I haven’t reached New O as yet so I’m looking forward to your next blog about it. Have a blast!!!


  2. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!
    I was there during the first week in September and it was everything I imagined.
    The food, the music, the infrastructure of the French Quarter were superb!
    Since you are looking for dining options…be sure to check out the Ruby Slipper. Try to go during the week because sometimes the line is wrapped around the curb to get in! I ate there twice and the food was delish! I recommend the BBQ shrimp and grits.
    I did a lot of fine dining/romantic dinners which you probably don’t need traveling with your female friend but just in case, check out Luke and the Steakhouse on Magazine Street.
    I went on a swamp tour…It wasn’t really my speed but my friend wanted to experience the flora and fauna, you know.
    Don’t go expecting much good shopping/deals. It is clearly not what the city is about.
    Music! Please go to Preservation Hall and I am glad you plan on visiting Bourbon street. The music runs deep through your spine!
    You will have fun and if your friend is good company, the layover should be easy. Browse around…grab lunch …read a book..people watch and in no time, your flight will be boarding.
    Be Easy in the Big Easy!

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